Wrinkle Relaxers

Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves. Some people are soft-spoken; some are much more direct. But regardless of how you verbally communicate to the world around you, your face does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to getting across how you are feeling – sometimes even when we would prefer it didn’t.

And while you can talk as much as you want without worrying about your appearance, facial expressions are the direct cause of unwanted wrinkles and folds throughout the face. Unfortunately, you can’t stop yourself from emoting, but there is a category of products known as wrinkle relaxers that can do the job for you.

What Are Wrinkle Relaxers Made Of?

Wrinkle relaxers are produced a little bit differently than other cosmetic lines like dermal fillers. A neurotoxin known as botulinum toxin type A is harvested from a bacterium named Clostridium, the same substance responsible for the disease botulism. But the effects that wrinkle relaxers have are much different than those of the notorious disease.

When botulinum toxin type A is injected into a muscle, it blocks the nerve’s ability to communicate with the brain. With no instructions from the nervous system, the targeted muscle is simply unable to contract, even the unconscious movement you would normally make during a conversation. This allows wrinkles in the face to relax and smooth out, leading to a much more youthful appearance.

While this lack of movement is often the source of criticism, wrinkle relaxers, when performed correctly, will not inhibit your face from projecting emotion. The people you talk to will still know when you are surprised, happy, frustrated, annoyed or anything in between.

What Are Wrinkle Relaxers Used For?

There are many different cosmetic concerns that wrinkle relaxers can be used to treat, including:

  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Sagging brows
  • Glabellar frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Lower eyelid lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Hooked nasal tip
  • Gummy smile
  • Subtle lip augmentation
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Chin dimpling
  • Horizontal necklines
  • Neck banding
  • Jaw enhancement

These are the most common treatment areas, but wrinkle relaxers can be tailored and applied in countless ways to address your facial concerns. The best way to determine if this type of treatment would be successful for you is to schedule a consultation with our office.

What Wrinkle Relaxers Are Available at Gravity Medical Spa?

While all wrinkle relaxers use similar approaches, there are some subtle differences in what they are formulated to target. Since each treatment uses slightly different purification processes, some people can achieve better results with specific treatments.


Botox is the industry standard for wrinkle relaxers and is often used as a blanket term to cover any botulinum toxin treatment. Botox is the most versatile treatment on the market for facial cosmetics and other medical conditions like hyperhidrosis or migraines. It can be used to treat most of the conditions mentioned above.


The chemical makeup of Xeomin and Botox is nearly identical, except that Xeomin does not have any accessory proteins added to its formula. Xeomin, therefore, is a more stripped-down form of the botulinum toxin. Some medical professionals believe this could help prevent antibody resistance, which means more effective treatments over a more extended period.


Compared to other options, Jeuveau uses a unique purification process. This specific formula is developed to treat glabellar lines, although it is sometimes used for the off-label treatment of other wrinkles throughout the face.

Each of these treatments is best in specific circumstances, but the only way to know which wrinkle relaxer is right for you is to schedule an appointment with our team at Gravity Medical Spa.

Will People Know That I Used Wrinkle Relaxers?

Every cosmetic procedure aims to create a naturally rejuvenated appearance that does not look overly done. Wrinkle relaxers have garnered a bit of a bad reputation for appearing unnatural, but that problem is caused by poor medical practice — not the products themselves.

It is possible to have wrinkle relaxers performed in a way that is virtually impossible for a layperson to notice. By targeting specific muscles within the face, standard facial expressions can be preserved while problematic muscles are frozen.

By going to a practice like Gravity Medical Spa, you can rest assured that your procedure will be carried out by medical professionals who have an extensive amount of training and experience in performing wrinkle relaxing treatments.

We take great care to maintain facial harmony and a naturally improved appearance, which means a conservative approach to wrinkle relaxers and other cosmetic products.

Are Wrinkle Relaxers Dangerous?

Many people become frightened when they learn that wrinkle relaxers are derived from a neurotoxin, but the truth is that they are considered to be safe by the overwhelming majority of medical professionals. With that being said, there are some things to be aware of during your treatment.

You should never rub your injection sites after your procedure. If you do, you risk spreading the toxin to neighboring muscle groups and paralyzing muscles that weren’t meant to be targeted. This could lead to droopy eyelids, crooked eyebrows or a slanted smile. Luckily, these effects are only temporary.

Other than that, few patients experience side effects from the procedure like injection site discomfort or headaches, but these usually subside within a couple of days.

Where Can I Get Expert Wrinkle Relaxer Treatment in Orange County?

Gravity Medical Spa is the leading cosmetic provider for Orange County and neighboring areas. Not only do we provide cutting-edge treatments, but we also remain at the forefront of the cosmetic industry in terms of practices and techniques.

We know how to improve your appearance with wrinkle relaxers without making your face look unnatural. So, if you are ready to learn more about how these treatments can address your cosmetic concerns, we want to hear about your goals. Give our office a call at 949-387-6118 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team.