Groupon Policies

Groupon Voucher Use Policies

Expiration Dates – As a customer you have until the expiration date on your Groupon voucher to book your session with our merchant partner. After that date, you will owe the merchant partner the difference of the regular retail value of the service and the price that you paid towards your voucher. This money is owed to the merchant partner directly at the time of service. The voucher can only be applied towards the service that was originally purchased.

Repeated Use – Unless directly specified on the voucher, repeatedly using a Groupon voucher to visit one of our merchant partners is a violation of the voucher’s Fine Print. The Fine Print is a legally agreed upon set of behaviors that Groupon requires both our merchant partners as well as customers to observe. Our merchant partners are not required to honor repeated voucher use. Please reach out to Customer Support at or

Refunds – All refunds are administered by Groupon. Our merchant partners have been instructed not to refund customers. Please contact Customer Support at or Taxes – Groupon vouchers are subject to local taxes. Feel free to contact our Customer Support team at or with any questions. Policies are subject to change.