Cosmetic Surgery Procedures by Chugay Cosmetic Surgical Clinic

As a medical spa, there are many fabulous ways that Gravity Medspa can help you improve your appearance and increase your confidence however once in a while, there may be those who wish to perform a surgical improvement that is beyond the scope of the services provided directly by Gravity.

In cases such as these, we can still help! For all surgical improvements, such as breast implants, facial rejuvenation procedures, tummy tucks and more Gravity Medspa is co-owned and operated by Paul N Chugay, MD of Chugay Cosmetic Surgery.

With offices located in Long Beach and Beverly Hills, Dr. Chugay offers a wide array of surgical procedures to complement the non surgical options at Gravity Med Spa, helping you look your best. With a commitment to excellence and your satisfaction, Dr Chugay works to provide you the surgical results you are looking for.

For more information on surgical procedures, please contact Dr. Chugay at 949-387-6118 or fill out the request an appointment form to the side to receive a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

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